Castleford is one of the five towns within the City of Wakefield, in West Yorkshire, England. It is near to Pontefract, and has a population of 37,525 according to the 2001 Census. To the north the River Calder joins the River Aire and the Aire and Calder Navigation canal. To the west and south is the M62 motorway.

The periphery of the town, the town centre and other places in the town have undergone extensive refurbishment and regeneration over the last five years. Some of the improvements were featured in a recent television series on Channel 4, called Kevin McCloud And The Big Town Plan.

The town is home to Burberry, the clothing manufacturer and retailer. The company has two factories in the UK - the one in Castleford products which have been modelled by Kate Moss. Nestlé has a factory on Wheldon Road, near the Castleford Tigers' ground, making popular sweets like Toffee Crisp and After Eight.

Despite a decline in industries such as coal mining and textile manufacturing, significant economic and employment growth has occurred in recent years in service sectors, especially in the retail and distribution sectors. This includes the Junction 32 Outlet village and Xscape leisure complex, Europe's largest indoor real snow slope, which has turned the periphery of the town in to one of the most popular destinations for UK skiing and snowboarding. Such developments have taken place because of the town's easy motorway accessibility and twenty-minute rail connection to the regional city of Leeds. Distribution companies include TK Maxx and Argos Distributors Ltd. This is just one of many economic developments in the town, including new retail and residential development, an architect-designed library and art museum and a new bus/rail transport interchange planned to be completed by 2010

East End Park

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