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£88,000 (GBP | AUD | EUR)

Positive Cash Flow £84.00
Instant Equity £7,000.00
Market Value £95,000.00 Monthly Rent £450.00
Purchase Price £88,000.00 Monthly Mortgage £366.00
Discount 7.36842105263% Monthly Profit £84.00

Brand New!

The regeneration of Castleford and the area surrounding Little & Company's Stansfield Close development is well under way. With the existing heavy industries now being replaced with a comprehensive regeneration plan, which commenced in the 1990's with the construction of the Freeport Shopping Outlet and Xscape multi-media entertainment complex, now recognized as one of the most successful visitor attractions in the entire country. The ease of commuting between Castleford and Leeds, Wakefield, Pontefract and other surrounding towns and cities has been improved with the M62 linking to the M1 and A1, along with the original railway system which has now been supplemented by a further station located at Xscape Entertainment complex. This has resulted in an influx of buyers and therefore a higher percentage of growth in property values than many other towns in the region, therefore Castleford now offers some of the finest quality affordable housing in the district.

This excellent Little & Company development on Stansfield Close on the outskirts of Castleford kick starts the regeneration scheme planned for this particular area. This development offers a mixture of quality semi detached and town houses, along with two storey apartments, this will continue the trend of good quality affordable housing which Castleford is becoming accustomed to. Other redevelopment schemes for this area include the planned construction of new residential dwellings on the Pemberton Road site adjacent to the Stansfield Close development. The near-by Wheldon Road is currently receiving a major redevelopment of Fryston Wheldale Colliery, along with the decommissioning of the Hickson Welch former Industrial site, which are both to receive new residential housing schemes.

Simon Mills



Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Total
Annual Rent £5400£5,562£5,728£5,899£6,075£6,257£6,444£6,637£6,836£7,041  
Annual Mortgage Cost £4,392£4,392£4,392£4,392£4,392£4,392£4,392£4,392£4,392£4,392  
Annual Profit £1,008£1,170£1,336£1,507£1,683£1,865£2,052£2,245£2,444£2,649 £17,959
Value Of Property £95,000£97,850£100,785£103,808£106,922£110,129£113,432£116,834£120,339£123,949  
Mortgage Balance £88,000£88,000£88,000£88,000£88,000£88,000£88,000£88,000£88,000£88,000  
Equity £7,000£9,850£12,785£15,808£18,922£22,129£25,432£28,834£32,339£35,949 £35,949
Assumes a 3% annual growth rate of rental income and property value. Total Profit From 10 Years Ownership       £53,908